Are you a creative that hasn't given yourself the chance lately to flex that muscle? Sometimes all we need is the inspiration and the motivation to get going! We are so spoiled daily in the shop with some pretty amazing blooms. How often I think they would make a great painting. With a background in Art History, I can never pass a season without seeing the Rembrandt fringed tulips or Van Gogh sunflowers or Japanese woodcuts of Peonies or Sargent's Carnations, Lily,s and Roses. We provide the space and inspiration, you provide the medium. Each month a different vignette inspired by a different artist. Who knows? There might even be an Art History mini lesson in it for you too! August 10th- Van Gogh Sunflowers from 7-9:30 Drop in fee of 15$

Class- Vignette

  • We will be providing the vignette and space but each guest will be encouraged to bring their own materials in their medium of choice to paint, draw, etc. This class is geared towards an intermediate to advanced artist.