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Our Story

               Since opening its doors in 1995, Peaseblossoms flowers has endeavored to be a viable alternative to the wire service, cookie cutter industry floral has become. Our approach is in essence simple, straightforward excellent floral design partnered with the best product available. Instead of relying on fads and gimmicks, we do our very best to honour whats the best in season. We work with

our vendors and growers to provide product that is local

(every chance we get!) , fair trade, unique and unusual. Rarely will you see standard fare in our wide selection of blooms. On the rare occasion a carnation makes its way into our cooler,rest assured it was a variety that earned its way.


      Situated midblock in the historic Brigden Block (c. 1912), our petite shop has earned a reputation for integrity in our buying practices, character in all we offer and create.  Whether you stop in from within the neighborhood or call us from afar, it is our sincerest hope that you feel like our talents are working hard to bring you an authentic experience of our shop.


          We are frequently asked what a peaseblossom is and we are always happy to reply!  Peaseblossom was an attending flower fairy to Titania the fairy queen in William Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. As time wore on, by the Victorian Era, a peaseblossom became synonymous with simply being a flower fairy.  Sweet, charming and whimsical are all traits we love about our shop and we think our name suits us to a 't'.


        It is our hope that if you were unable to literally come and smell the roses, that you could at very least feel that you enjoyed some respite in our little oasis. If you have the opportunity to venture in, you will find yourself in a place rare in our daily world. A light filled space enhanced with textures, colours and a scent that we are frequently told we should bottle. Enjoy your visit, we are glad you stopped in.


A Floral Exhibit Called "Titania's Garden" from the Calgary Horticultural Show
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