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  Where to find us


        We are an actual factual bricks & mortar shop and you can find us in the middle of the Brigden Block ( circa 1912) framed on either end by the Kalamata Grocery and the Galaxy diner at 1417, 11th Street SW in the Beltline District.


        We also like to get out from time to time so watch for us around town, you just never know where we will pop up.  You can invite us to your block at lunchtime or if you have an event or fair.  We also can't resist a good farmer's market. Our third season at the Bearspaw market begins in June and you will find us at the Millarville Market for the fall.  You can keep tabs on us through Facebook, Instagram or sign up for our emails.


       Since opening our doors in 1995, we have loved being part of the neighborhood street-scape and we feel being a part of a great collection of shops and services is well worth the visit! 

      Can't make it to the shop in person? No worries, we offer citywide delivery.


      Check out our " We Love Local" page for more info on our neighbors and other favorite independent local shops.  We have also included organizations who we support and why you should too.



Photo of the shop front on 11th Street SW.
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