Ever wish that all the flowers you love were available all the time? Or that ranunculus were bigger than a toonie? Or that peonies lasted longer than 5 days? We hear you! In my quarter century career I have heard almost all those very wistful things said by a variety of clients and brides. I have made paper blooms for a variety of projects for years but when you have the right stuff, its magic. Crepe paper blossoms have had many heydays over the passage of time. Each month we will do a tutorial on one bloom in season starting from simplest and working up the complexity and skills over the year. Each month you are encouraged to binge watch your favorite show while practising your blooms. By the end, you should have enough blooms for a bouquet or head wreath and some crazy good skills you can continue to build on. First date is August 2nd from 7-8:30 pm and we will be starting with Icelandic Poppies. Initial kit is 45 and includes floral tape, wires and appropriate scissors. Subsequent monthly blooms 22$.

Class- Paper Posy Club