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Flowers are a fleeting thing by nature, it truly is part of its charm. Wanting a bouquet w more staying power isn't uncommon but substituting real for synthetic isn't much of a solution. Dried flowers can be vibrant and full of texture & interest, a super alternative to plastic not to mention far more environmental. It also doesn't need to look like it came from 1982 . Join us for an informative and constructive evening of learning what works and what doesn't. Build a lovely arrangement in one of our studio produced poplar wooden boxes. Perfect for you or for gifting! Maximum of 7 participants. If you have a group , please let us know and we can accomodate a custom class.  7:00pm to 9pm

Class- Fit to be Dried

  • Dress comfortably and really to get your hands dirty! This is suitable for ages 17 and up , Beginners welcome. Lots to learn from no matter what skill level you may be at.

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