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Creativity is like intuition. You may not believe you have it but more often than not, its an inherent gift we all possess but need to explore and cultivate. Its also very often a daunting possibility. So often we are conditioned to believe only certain people are creative. Truth is that creativity in all occupations improves cognitive skills and problem solving as we learn to see things in a completely different way. Giving someone the ability to explore or flex their curiosity is the name of the game. Join us for our monthly creative open where we let you try out a variety of mediums and see if it sparks your imagination. Options of gently guided small projects or freedom to explore your own ideas are welcome. We provide the space, inspiration and guidance- you provide an open mind and opportunity.

April 30th- Watercolour Cherry Blossoms- theme of Presence. May 28th- Collage- Theme of Appreciation.  Maxiumum of 8 participants  45$ all materials provided

Class- Creative Open

  • Be prepared to get your hands dirty( and maybe inky) so dress accordingly. We will have aprons available. The goal is to finish one small project using a variety of mediums. You are welcome to arrive up to a half hr early to flip though inspiring books and magazines in our lounge ahead of playtime.

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